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Santa is Dead – Have You Spread the Word?.


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Just in case I don’t post anymore the rest of this week, I wanted to wish everyone a very, Merry Holiday Season… No matter which Holiday you celebrate, may it be the best to date!

I recently drove into a close neighborhood, drawn into it by all of the amazing Christmas lights on almost all of the houses!  Got me thinking…  What would you feel like if you bought a home in such a neighborhood, lets say in the summer.  Then come Thanksgiving it becomes a Griswold-fest outside?  I would hope that you love to partake as well!!  Check this house out:


I’m sure if it were me living in such a neighborhood, my reaction would be something like this:


So I just spent 10 hours of my day today painting a living room, dining room and 2 bedrooms.  When you have to do the work yourself, it sucks!  No reason to sugar coat it!

Okay, maybe if you were painting a scene or a wall mural for you kid or something… that may be fun?!  But when you have to paint a place for someone to move in?  Ummm… SUCKS!

So, for those of you that would rather grab your wallet rather than the almighty brush,  click below for people to call in your time of need.

I would also suggest giving me a call… shhhhhhhh!  Because I know who does the best job for the most reasonable amount of money!

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Because it was my Birthday yesterday, and I am still recovering from a HORRIBLE cold… I am being lazy and stealing this from another blog.

I promise, more original content to come!

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