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Overkill of the month!!

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

I apologize that I keep posting updates to this ongoing presentation of services.  I promise, this will be the last!!! (ok, at least for a while!)

It’s just that I’m super excited about these services that helped create this presentation.  If you are looking for an alternative to Powerpoint, and want to use something with a little more pep, Prezi has been the most user friendly, simple and FREE service I have ever used to date.

Unfortunately you cannot link to YouTube through Prezi, but you can use another outstanding, even simpler service to take your video and upload to YouTube!  If you are not familiar, it’s called Screencast-o-matic, and it’s amazing!

When I started this blog, it was to post anything that will educate and entertain.  I think that no matter what industry you are in, you will find these tools enjoyable… even if you wanted to make something at home with your kids’ photos!!  Give it a try and play the video below to see how I enhanced the previous published Prezi with this YouTube video with the help of Screencast-o-matic and YouTube video editing tools…  ALL FOR FREE!!!  Enjoy!

Thanks, Ryan


House Prices: Window of Opportunity Beginning to Close.

I‘m loving this application!  If you haven’t tried Prezi yet, give it a shot!  I’m pretty sure this is almost ready to become my new visual presentation of my services.

Are you Pinteresting?

Posted: February 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

If you haven’t started Pinterest, now is a great time to begin!  Right now Pinterest generates more referral traffic than LinkedIn, G+ and YouTube combined!  It is the fastest growing site EVER… with the bulk of its users being 18 – 34 yr old women, right here in America’s Heartland!

Need an invite?  Send me a message on Facebook, Google+, Twitter , my website, comment to this blog, or email me at

I am a Pinterest newbie, but so far I like what I see!  If you are a visual person, it’s almost easier to get to know someone better based off of their pinboard than it is reading their FB profile?!

I’m hoping to improve my pinboards in the days/weeks to come!  If you are new to Pinterest, or an existing user that is also a business owner, message me!  Although I am a new(er) user, I just picked up some great tips from a webinar I attended hosted by inman news.

Although my page is a work in progress, you can click on the image (of Logan) above and view my page.  Please don’t be too critical of it yet, for I am sure it will grow to be something great rather than the barren space of self promotion that it appears to be right now.

Thank you for reading!


The presidential election has renewed the debate about the Administration’s Health Care Bill. We are again getting many questions about a possible 3.8% tax on home sales that some claim is in the bill. To answer these questions, we have

via Is There a 3.8% House Sales Tax in the Health Care Bill?.

I read/watched this blog posting today and was amazed! I tried it myself, had others try it in the office and it actually works. If you stay logged into Google, as I do, if you have individuals in your circles or if they are in yours, it actually influences the search results that you receive!

I know this is overkill and you can read the actual article by clicking on it below, but if you are in my circle(s) or follow my G+ Business Page, and you were to be logged-in to google while searching “Realtor”… as soon as you start typing, my info or any other Realtor’s info that are in your circles come up 1st in your search!! That’s AWESOME! Why? If you have a FB Business Page and there is no interaction with your audience, you will not show up in anyone’s news-feeds and thus you just wasted your time. Read on below for further details… remember, just click anywhere on it to read the full post.

Have a GREAT week! Ryan

Predictions for the Coming Year