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Please be kind… I don’t like myself in pictures, let alone video!  This is my 1st attempt at screen-casting, and will get better as time goes on.

That being said, I plan on doing this on a weekly basis.  We have been pre-selling these quickly, and thought this would be helpful for those that may be interested in a new home or condo in Prairie Heights subdivision, north of 53rd on Eastern, just past then new library.

Enjoy!  I invite any and all comments and questions.

I’ve been told that 29% of all contracts signed never make it to the closing table- that nearly 3 in 10 transactions where a buyer and seller have come to terms (no easy feat in this market) fall apart. In

via The Top 5 Reasons Deals Fall Apart.

How are you spending the rest of your May?  For me, organizing, sharpening skills, reevaluating my business plan and getting ready for the best year to date!  Big plans and changes coming soon!  Hmmmmm, I think a new Team, or Partner if you will, is in order in the very near future… Stay tuned for details!!  Too excited!!

Have a great weekend!


Yay, I made Silver Club by the Middle of May!  I got my eyes on Triple Diamond though!!  If you don’t know what this means, just know that I’m doing great in Real Estate in the good ol QCA…

Thank you to everyone that has utilized my services and those that soon will!  If it wasn’t for you, I couldn’t do the job that I love!

Happy Tuesday!



There are many things in life that you cannot control, but you can always control your attitude toward them. Defeat is never permanent unless you allow it to be so. When you have a positive attitude, you will recognize failure for the impostor that it is and realize that it is really a learning experience, a valuable lesson that will help you succeed with the next attempt. Ask yourself: What could I have done differently that would have altered the outcome? What can I do in the future to minimize problems and mistakes? What did I learn from this experience that I can put to good use next time? If you approach obstacles and setbacks with a positive attitude, you will be surprised how quickly you can turn defeat into victory.