About Me

Things I am not…

I am not a doctor.  Not a dentist.  Not an attorney.  Not a psychologist.  Not a gynecologist (although when I was younger, that’s what I thought I wanted to be… that is until I figured out ALL that I would be looking at!?).   Oh, and I am not the “expert” when it comes to real estate.  Who really is?  The term gets thrown around by so many people that it really doesn’t mean much of anything.  I am not a tech guru, although I have been called the Ashton Kutcher of Real Estate! Ok, so it was by one person in my office… but I guess I like to play around with what others have developed and somehow make it my own.  I am not the person to tell you that your house is worth exactly what you think it is in order to get a listing… but I can refer you to someone else that will!  I really don’t think I am any of those things.

Who I am…

I am a father of 3 amazing children and a Realtor in the Quad Cities.  Whether or not I am good at one or all of these things is up to other people’s interpretation, considering I am very biased!  I love being a dad and would never trade it for the world!  In fact what ever I do professionally, only fuels and funds the efforts that I put towards my children so that they have all of the tools and access to whatever paths they choose to make in life.



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